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An IT executive by profession, I am, and have always been, fascinated with technology. Thus, I've been blessed with a fulfilling career and the privilege of making a living doing something I enjoy.  Additionally, I've  been equally

blessed with numerous hobbies, a couple of which (music and photography), that also bring me joy and allow me to share that joy with others through creative expression.


A classically trained pianist, music has been at the core of my being since early childhood and remains my most creative and expressive outlet to this day. In recent years though, I've also discovered a love for photography; particularly in landscapes - as they highlight the beauty, artistry, and creativity of God, and architecture - as it highlights the beauty, artistry, and creativity of man.

Here, I'm sharing a small sample of the landscape and architecture photos I've amassed from some of my limited travels.  My portfolio includes photos from my early days with point-and-shoot cameras and my progression through DSLR cameras.

In contrast to all the ugliness in the world today, I hope you too will find something in these photos that remind you that there's still so much more beauty (and beautiful people) all around us...